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Power Off for ASI Mira! Karishma dismantles her AI colleague with a heavy heart on Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir


The interesting turn of events on Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir have led to Haseena Malik’s (Gulki Joshi) death, which sends shockwaves at the Mahila Police Thana – Jyothi Venkatesh

It was ASI Mira (Pankhuri Awasthy) who fired those fateful bullets and as Karishma (Yukti Kapoor) does a thorough investigation, she eventually finds out that ASI Mira was hacked and made to shoot Haseena and the hackers made sure to delete her memories too.

In view of the unfortunate incident, the Mahila Police Thana decides that ASI Mira is after all a machine who can easily be manipulated and to avoid any other mishaps in the future, it is best to dismantle ASI Mira.

This tough decision leaves everyone at the Thana teary-eyed especially Karishma as she is the one to switch off the machine. Karishma and ASI Mira shared a very special relationship, they constantly bantered but were always at each other’s side.

Despite knowing that ASI Mira was sent to the Thana as an AI to learn about emotions, the officers of Mahila Police Thana had built a close bond with her. With a heavy heart, they bid goodbye to ASI Mira of Mahila Police Thana, Lucknow.

Pankhuri Awasthy, essaying the role of ASI Mira said, “Mira unknowingly committed a crime and she is being put down for the same reason.

But Mira, even though being a robot, made a special relationship with everyone in the Mahila Police Thana. I feel everybody enjoyed this side of Mira, the robotic but emotional one, and I am sure the audience will also miss her as much as the Mahila Police Thana.”

Yukti Kapoor essaying the role of Karishma said, “Karishma did not like Mira in the beginning because she felt that she is just a machine and is here to take over the jobs.

Mira slowly grew up on her and Karishma got really attached. Her entry in the show gave a completely new direction and added a fun element to Maddam Sir.

The audience will surely miss the banters Karishma and Mira had on the show and so will I on a personal level.”

With ASI Mira’s exit, many interesting twists await! Tune-in to watching Maddam Sir, every Monday to Saturday 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM on Sony SAB

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