Pragya Kapoor gets a tattoo to mark the indelible memories of her father

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Pragya Kapoor gets a tattoo to mark the indelible memories of her father

While birthdays are usually an occasion for celebrations, the pandemic has changed life for most people, the world over. For Pragya Kapoor, this year’s birthday will be a little different as well.


Marking her first birthday in the absence of her father, whom she lost to complications related to Covid, she decided to commemorate and immortalize him by getting a tattoo in his memory.

The tattoo depicts a metal butterfly with a Trishul for it’s head, that signifies her life and growth in the cocoon of her father’s love, care and guidance.

Explaining her tattoo, she said, “It is said that butterflies are a representation of the human soul post death.

I got a metal one to symbolise the strength of my father. There is a Devnagri J (his name is Jayant) merging into a P on the other side.


To symbolise that he lives in me now. The trishul is made in the shape of a fire as I was always supposed to be with my brothers to cremate him but unfortunately wasn’t able to. So this was my way of lighting his pyre and the fire joining his creator.”

While her father continues to remain in her heart and mind in the form of indelible memories, the tattoo is a constant reminder of his presence if not physically albeit spiritually.

In her Instagram post, Pragya’s caption read, “I am because you were ❤️
Celebrating today because I know how much this day meant to you..

Can't help looking at my phone waiting for you to call and wish me. I know you won’t, but just maybe? A birthday miracle.


They say butterflies represent the human soul after death. Now you live on... forever in me. Guiding me, loving me and looking over me, as always. Couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift.

Thank you @saviodsilvasfineartstudio for helping me heal and giving me strength. You were godsent.”

Here’s hoping her father’s soul is in peace and wishing her a very happy birthday!

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