It is difficult to believe how a man’s life can change completely after just seeing the shooting of a film. But it can happen, and it has happened. — Ali Peter John

prakash jha birthday special (55)

A young Prakash Jha had just come to Bombay for a job in Udipi hotel and worked in the kitchen. He used to live with his friends in a chawl. The friends used to work in the canteens of studios. One day some of his friends took Prakash to watch the shooting of a film called dharma starring Pran in the lead role and the film being directed by Chand. Prakash made the shoot miserable for a few hours and that was enough to make him decide to make his career and his future and his rich family from Bettiah in Patna something no one else could do to change their mind.

He started making documentary films and short films and won all the prestigious awards. He made Hip hip hurray which was his first film with Raj Kiran and Deepti naval as the romantic leads. The film based on sports was a Good film, but it did not succeed at the box office.

Then Prakash started making realistic films and made Damul with Deepti as the only known face and the drama won the national award for the best film. Prakash continued to make some of the most prestigious films.

Prakash and Deepti had fallen in love during the making of hip-hip hurray and Damul they had started life In a Relationship and Prakash moved in with Deepti in her posh apartment in  Olympia in Seven bungalows an apartment she had bought for just six Lakhs of rupees which were considered very cheap in the  80s.

Prakash was a very private person, whereas Deepti was a very chirpy, happy, and sensitive person. But they decided to get married according to Arya Samaj rites and I was one of the witnesses at the marriage conducted in Deepti’s house with her family which had flown down from New York, especially for the wedding.

It was growing very easily, but the marriage was not working well, and within no time Prakash and Deepti separated also they had adopted a baby girl named Disha and lived with Prakash. It has been 20 years since they separated. But they are still Best Friends, Deepti has made a film called ‘Do paise ki Barish’, ‘Chaar Aane k dhoop’ which has still not been released. The right way Disha spends her time with both her parents and works as a senior assistant of Prakash. Also belongs to a powerful family of Politicians in Patna and all over Bihar. He formed his political party and contested elections from Patna four times but he lost all four elections and has now washed his Hands-off politics.

He was the first filmmaker to announce the making of 12 films in a year and he could only make two of the 12 films. Now that he is 70 years old, he has now created a successful web series to create a new field. Ashram 3 is also ready in the name of Ashram, in which he got Baba to do a very good job. Prakash has to light many lamps by making films all over the world. Let’s see for how long and how much the lamp of light spreads.