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Prakriti Nautiyal Says She Has Learnt So Much From Ridheema Tiwari     


Prakriti Nautiyal, who is sharing the screen with Ridheema Tiwari in the show Divya Drishti, shares a great equation with her. The actor says that she has got to learn a lot from the latter as well. “She is playing the role of my Chachi. She is a very good actor. I was mesmerized when I saw her acting on the very first day. She had that incredible energy in herself on set. So, I started grasping those things from her because my energy has been decreased after doing TV as I never wanted to do it, but I am now. I learned from her that whatever work you do in life, you have to do it with the same amount of energy because you are earning your livelihood through it. In fact, we two share quite a few things in common. We both are very upfront.  Whatever we have in our hearts, we say it on the face. We can’t sugarcoat and speak. We are very alike. She also has a bindass attitude. She is so true to herself and her passion. She is a very caring person. So, these are the things that I really admire in her and have learnt from her. She is like an elder sister to me,” she signs off.

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