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Pranitaa Pandit Had A Rocking Karvachauth!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

The good looking Pranitaa Pandit celebrated Karva Chauth with hubby Shivi Pandit and many industry friends including Tinaa Datta and Shiny Doshi. She looked ravishing and was all smiles.  She says, “We had a pre-Karvachauth party with friends. We all put Mehendi, had good food and enjoyed. On the 17th  had taken an off. I  spent quality time with my husband. Karvachauth is extremely romantic especially when you and your husband fast together. For me,  Karvachauth is actually about a little bit of adjustment, compromise and sacrifice at the same time. You need to make your married life blissful and happily accept each other and be there for each other at all times.. I am not somebody who will say that all husbands should keep Karvachauth for there wife but if they do, it’s very cute. If you don’t want to also, that’s fine, get us lots of gifts and pamper us! Festivals are important because sometimes you know those little fights or grudges will go away when you get together. It is extremely important as on that particular day, you make your partner feel very special and you spend a lot of time together.

Shiny Doshi,Vinny Arora Dhoopar,Pranitaa Pandit,Tina Dattaa,Nupur Joshi,Nidhi Kurda Khuran
Pranitaa Pandit,Tina Dattaa
Pranitaa Pandit,Shivi Pandit,Nupur Joshi,Shiny Doshi
Pranitaa Pandit,Shivi Pandit
Pranitaa Pandit,Shivi Pandit
Pranitaa Pandit,Shivi Pandit
Pranitaa Pandit,Shiny Doshi
Pranitaa Pandit,Shiny Doshi

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