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Prashant Bajaj says he would love to do something like Mirzapur as he finds crime thrillers fascinating


The digital boom is undeniable, but the fact that OTTs are only creating stars these days is not correct, says Prashant Bajaj. The actor explains that a star can be born out of any medium, be it TV, films, OTT or stage – Jyothi Venkatesh

“Every medium gives opportunity to talented people. If you are good, you will shine in any medium.

It isn’t like only certain mediums get your talent noticed as compared to others. You need to work on your craft and get the right opportunity.

OTTs no doubt have created a revolution. The content they are creating are interesting and real, but that doesn’t mean other mediums aren’t doing anything relatable,” says Bajaj, who is keen on exploring the OTT space but he won’t be comfortable doing bold scenes on screen.

Talking about the kind of web series that he would like to be a part of, Bajaj replies, “I would love to do something like Mirzapur. Crime thrillers are fascinating.”

Many have spoken against the how abuses, sex and drugs are rampant on OTT. This has led to discussion around OTTs in India, in fact some of the platforms have formalised self-regulation code.

“Well, it’s all about what the script demands. If it requires a certain kind of characterization then that’s alright, but using all these to grab attention and views aren’t the right approach,” he adds.

Does the younger generation of actors these days who are exposed to knowledge and information are more equipped as compared to the earlier generation?

“Talents can’t be decided by the generation gap. You cannot compare Sachin Tendulkar with Virat Kohli.

Both have different styles and tactics, but they are the best cricketers of their times. Talent is talent, it defines everything,” he says.