Prashant Samtani clicks Siddharth Nigam

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Prashant Samtani clicks Siddharth Nigam
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Photographer Prashant Samtani recently clicked actor Siddharth Nigam. The photographer is full of praises for the actor. "Although Siddharth is very young, he is a very talented boy. A photographer gets the benefit of shooting with young talent as they are sharper. Their style and confidence help in getting good shots," he says. 
Ask him what was Siddharth's strongest point, and he says, "The best part about shooting with him is the way he carries himself. He is very easy, stylish. His perfect physique, sharp features, fair color, and green eyes work wonders for him. I have been working with him since the last 3 years approximately. He has always been kind, very friendly. He is great at dance and acrobatics too."
His eyes are what set him apart, says Prashant. "His eyes are his strongest suit. No doubt, having a perfect personality as I have already mentioned works for him.  He is a perfect youth icon," he adds. 



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