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Pravin Tarde, Writer And Director, ‘Mulshi Pattern’ Said At The Symposium At PIFF 2019

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Jyothi venkatesh

  1. Producer should not interrupt in the script writing as writing is not the thing which can be discussed and then written. It has to be an individual thought.
  2. Marketing is very important for a film. I did ‘Rege’ which is a realistic movie, and later to earn money I did ‘Deool Band’ for which I did my own marketing where I did a survey on how many Swami Samarth followers are there in Maharashtra and how many ‘Math’ in our state. Then I decided  to sell my tickets at those ‘Math’ and I am glad to tell that this strategy worked for this movie.
  3. The crowd that prefer movies like ‘Muramba’ and ‘Pushpak Viman’ will never be excited to watch my movie. I created my own crowd and they made my movies super hit.
  4. I have experienced that my theatre booking was full but I did not have censor board certification. I feel that censor board is an institution which does not want Marathi movie to flourish. They objected playing geeta mantra where while murder was happening in the movie. Then I made them realize that geeta mantra was created in the battlefield itself.
  5. It is considered that if you create sophisticated movies like ‘Muramba’ and ‘Pushpak Viman’ then you’re good and if you create movies like ‘Baban’ and ‘Mulshi Pattern’ which contain abusive language, then you are picturized bad. Just because the movie follows an abusive language it should not become the judging factor for the audience. People should look for quality of content.

Prakash Chafalkar

  1. Owner of theatre is exactly similar to a store keeper, he shall keep only that material which sells. If the Marathi film has to sustain in the competition they have to work on their quality. Few days back what I experienced is Hindi movie ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ and ‘Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar’ was released at the same time whereas ‘2.0 and ‘Mulshi Pattern’ was released at the same time, both the Marathi movies gained more momentum than hindi movies. Hence more screens were provided to Marathi movies.

Bhaurao Karhade

  1. I come from a village and I lack in the required convincing power hence I could not convince the Producers to produce my film. Then later I realized that rather than making them convince I should produce the movie on my own. I faced lot many such problems during the filmmaking process and I was not sure whether the movie will release or not. But I met some good people who helped me in the journey and made it a success.
  2. ‘Khwada’ and ‘Baban’ more or less follow the same abusive language but the perception in viewing both the movies was poles apart.

Mangesh Kulkarni

  1. It is true that if a big banner like Zee is associated with a film then the chances of the movie being hit becomes more. Marketing and PR is equally important in the success of a film. Last year ZEE released 5 movies. ZEE has a set criteria for choosing a film and if you fit in that criteria then it plays a major role.

Sandeep Jadhav

  1. Producer task should not be restricted only to invest money in the movie rather they should focus on other aspects which help in the quality of the movie such as identifying the audience. Quoting his own example he said, ‘Farzand’, a big scale movie and was my 1stmovie as a Producer  in which other than producing I was also involved in the shoot and outcome was clearly seen during the release of the movie.

Meghraaj Rajabhosale

  1. In the coming year Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal will start their own distribution which will help the Marathi movie

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