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Remember we told you about how Richa Chaddha’s character of team owner Zarina Malik in Inside Edge reminded us of a certain Bollywood starlet? Well, though team Inside Edge never went on record to reveal the real-life actress from which they drew inspiration, it seems that the actress concerned has herself decided to do the honours. Bollywood’s bubbly girl Preity Zinta feels that the way Richa’s character is sketched out, is completely baseless and the actress is clearly not happy. Recently, in an interview with, an upset Preity lashed out at the makers of the web-series and made some bold statements.

On what makes for a real man 

“Do you think anyone has the real B*LLS to show a ‘business’ woman do it? Or show a male actor in it? That’s being a man, no? Be a man, don’t ride off a woman, be a man, show me what a real man is… that’s not a real man. Real men don’t live off women, they don’t. So yeah, it upsets me, when I think about it, that they are doing this. But what can I do? The media itself helps them and says, ‘Oh, it reminds them of this…’ I mean, I am grateful that today Farhan made a statement and said, ‘Oh, it’s fiction,’ but then, why is fiction so one dimensional? Why do they have to show the woman as that? So that really upsets me, but what do you do?”

On how working women are portrayed on-screen 

“They’ll make a show on TV and say, ‘Oh, it’s based on cricket.’ They’ll show the woman as the wh*re! Right! They’ll always show woman as the wh*re, they’ll never have the balls to show something else.”

On how people make judgements

“I don’t want to say much because when my BOOK comes out…honestly, I wish, if genuinely the idea was to make something, then I wish…, like I am actress, right? If I play any role, I research it. Filmmakers research it. It’s made by my friends, they could’ve called me and asked me for some inputs. But, it’s okay people want to make some weird fantasy of theirs…it’s fine.”

She’s not pleased at all!

“But one thing I will ask you as a woman, genuinely, please ask these makers, were they in that bed seeing who’s screwing who? Please ask them as to how have they come on these plot points and why are they doing this? Just ask them that question, like what is your inspiration for all this? Just by showing muck, if I wanted to talk about you, I wanted to bitch about you that muck doesn’t work, I think authenticity…anyway I am very irritated with it, right now.”

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