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Prem Sagar launches his Father Dr. Ramanand Sagar’s book with Devotion on his Birthday


In the troubled and trying times of today when human relationships are facing trials by fire, when sons and daughters are losing respect for their parents, it is extremely heart – warming to see how Prem Sagar, the extremely talented and sensitive son of Dr Ramanand Sagar doing everything possible to keep the legacy and memory of his father alive.  Ali Peter JohnPrem sagar Ramanand Sagar (1)  Prem who has been the cinematographer of some of the biggest films and serials made by his father and has played a vital role in making Ramayana, the serial respected all over continues to find new ways of keeping his father”s spirit alive.

Prem sagar Ramanand Sagar (1)Early last year, he brought out a coffee table book on his father titled ” An Epic Life_ From Barsaat To Ramayan” which was a token of love from a father, (Prem) and his son, Shiv Sagar, with the text written by Prem and the planning of the book supervised by Shiv Sagar. The release function at Title Waves, the prominent book shop was attended by the cast of Ramayan and several luminaries from different walks of life.

Prem sagar Ramanand Sagar (1)Bur, Prem Sagar had other planes to honour his father who would have been 103 years old on December 29 (a birthday he shares with Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of India ) Prem worked on the Hindi book on hia father for almost a year and till he was satisfied, which has been his way of life ever since he passed out from the F T I I with a gold medal in cinematography.

I had seen the colour of his new book on his father titled “RAMANAND SAGAR KE JEEVAN KI AKATH KAHANI” (published by Prabhat Prakashan). The book fortunately or as Prem believes by a stroke of destiny was ready a day before the birth anniversary of his father.

Prem didn’t want to have a grand function like he had for his first book. And as was typical of Prem, he organised a “havan” in his house at Sagar Villa and a reading of the Geeta and sought the blessings of his father (who millions believe was a saint who wrote the Ramayan for our times) Prem was joined by his wife, Neelam who he calls ” the Devi who has walked hand in hand with him through all the ups and downs of life.
Prem then shifted the celebration to his office at “Laxmi Plaza” and celebrated the release of his book with his staff which included Pinto his right hand man for years, Govind, Mitesh, Neelam and the security staff of Laxmi Plaza. I was once again lucky to receive the first copy of the book from the author Prem Sagar himself and with his autograph for me, he wrote in his handwriting which has been as neat and steady for more than the forty years I know him, ” to Ali Peter John, a soul level human in the truest and my relation beyond a friend “.

And when all the rites of the release function was over, Prem and his Devi (Neelam) left for Karjat where the family has a unique resort called “Tooth Mountain” which is the brain child of their children, Shabnam who is a leading interior designer, Ganga who is a painter of national and international repute and their only son Shiv who has a degree in hospitality from Switzerland.

Prem sagar Ramanand Sagar (1)And as Prem was sharing his excitement over his book about his father, I could see his father; The reveret father Dr Ramanand Sagar appearing in the clouds and saying, “this is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased”

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