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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said If You Work Hard Your Face Will Shine


Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the children of National Forces Awards in Delhi and appreciated their meritorious work. Minister of Women and Child Development Smriti Irani awarded 49 children who made outstanding contributions in the field of social service, education, sports, arts culture and bravery. In which Riya Jain, a student of class 11 of Bhopal is also included. Who has been made the brand ambassador of ‘Beti Padho, Beti Bachao’ Muhim of Bhopal. Also, 7 people who have done better in the field of school education whereas out of these, four children in the field of bravery, Soumyadeep Jana, Pema, Lalkunsung, Ishan Sharma have been selected. Modi was very happy to meet all these brave children. He said, I also get inspired by your adventure. I am really surprised by your work. During this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked to always be sharp on his face. At this, he lifted the curtain from the secret of his face always shining. During the interaction with the children who won the National Children’s Award, Prime Minister Modi said that he would work hard and I sweat a lot, and massage the same sweat on the face, it makes it shine. Modi interacted with 49 child winners of the Prime Minister’s National Children’s Award 2020 at his residence. These 49 awardees are from different states of the country, including one each from Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Underlining the importance of manual labor, the Prime Minister said that not even a child should be sweated four times a day. He advised the children not to stand and sit but drink water. He said that water has its own taste and should be enjoyed and enjoyed as juice. The Prime Minister said, many times it happens that you drink milk like medicine quickly because the mother says drink fast. Sometimes when the mother brings milk, you also drink milk like medicine, because the mother has to sit to watch the serial. Hearing this, all the children started laughing.

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