Prime Video Launches the Intriguing Trailer of its Highly-Anticipated True Crime Docu-series – Dancing On The Grave

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Featuring news clippings, archival footage, dramatization and a host of interviews, the docu-series deep-dives into the murder that shook the nation in 90s

Produced by India Today Originals Productions and written and directed by Patrick Graham, Dancing On The Grave will stream in India and across 240 countries and territories, starting April 21

MUMBAI —April 18, 2023— Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment destination, today unveiled the trailer of the much-awaited true crime docu-series – Dancing On The Grave. The Amazon Original series documents and investigates the sudden disappearance and mysterious murder of Shakereh Khaleeli, who belonged to an illustrious family in Bangalore. Produced by India Today Originals Production, written and directed by Patrick Graham and co-written by Kanishka Singh Deo, Dancing On The Grave will exclusively premiere in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide on April 21. Dancing On The Grave is the latest addition to the Prime membership. Prime members in India enjoy savings, convenience, and entertainment, all in a single membership for just ₹1499/ year.


The trailer gives us a glimpse into the life and the gruesome death of Shakereh Khaleeli (maiden name Namazie). Belonging to a respected family, a beautiful heiress, she seemed to have it all – a distinguished and highly placed husband, four lovely daughters, a busy social life. Yet, she left everything behind to marry another man. The docu-series takes a look at what prompted Shakereh to act out the way she did. What drove her to leave her family and friends? What were the events that led to the day she disappeared without a trace?

Writer and Director, Patrick Graham, said, “With Dancing On The Grave, there was a joint vision that the team shared – a gruesome crime had taken place and yet the whys and the hows of the case remained a mystery. It was our goal to shine a light on this macabre and tragic story. Years of in-depth research have been put in to bringing out as many facts and details as possible and, though the case has been revisited by people on and off, I believe our docu-series will present viewers with inside information and an insight into the victim herself. It was great to get a chance to collaborate with Ankit Gupta, as well as the whole team at India Today, who partook passionately in long periods of intense research, travelling, and interviewing to get this story told. It was also amazing to be able to work with Prime Video and we’re all looking forward to audiences across the world to unravel the mysteries of this tragic and haunting story. We also hope the telling of our story can serve as a tribute to the innocents whose lives were ended or profoundly affected by these devastating events.”
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