Pritam gets shocked by what netizens have done to his song !

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Pritam gets shocked by what netizens have done to his song !

Jyothi Venkatesh

So many innovative content platforms and formats have experienced virality and widespread acceptance during the lockdown. One of the most popular video formats to go viral across social media throughout the world is to prepare a video compilation of a  bunch of pictures/videos of your loved ones be it a partner, family member, pet, favourite celebrity and to play them over the audio of a lovely song. One of the most popular songs that went viral with this contact format was the song play date by Melanie Martinez.


The Kalank Album by Pritam is certainly the biggest Bollywood music album of recent times. The Kalank Title Track, and specifically the Main Tera loop towards the end of the song which is sung by Arijit Singh and written beautifully by Amitabh Bhattacharya is the latest soundtrack to catch the fancy of everyone creating these mini clips of video content and the internet is flooded with thousands of such clips with hundreds being added every day.

Pritam says, "I personally love this trend. I'm happy that this has led to the song finding a wider audience and has brought together so many netizens sharing their love and memories. Its wonderful to see newer avenues of digital entertainment leading to multiple directions for content creation, promotion and exploration" A few examples of the tera mera mini clips

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