Priya Paramita Paul: Valentine’s Day is a normal day for me now!

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Priya Paramita Paul: Valentine’s Day is a normal day for me now!

Model, Life Coach, and Influencer Priya Paramita Paul says that there was a time when Valentine’s Day meant the world to her. However, she says that now it’s a regular day for her.

“Well, Valentine’s Day used to be one of the important days when I was back in college. Though now, it’s a normal day, because I continue working on Valentine’s Day. This year also, I plan to do the same. Love means a lot of things. For me, it’s all about loving myself, being kind and compassionate with myself and then how much I am loving everyone around me, my friends, my family and everyone who I talk to in my daily life,” she says,

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She adds that one must never stop working on our relationships. “Over the years, I have learnt that I should be expressive because most couples create misunderstandings. Because there are unsaid words. I still understand things but what I have really learned from my past experiences is that whatever is obvious for me, will not be obvious for others. Just like when someday I say I love you, it defines a lot of things. Everything has a meaning to it but every mind is different to understand it. Communication always differs between individuals. It’s better to express what you want. Rather than piling up things and later bursting out,” she says.

People need a lot of love, and it’s not readily available now, she says, adding, “There's a lack of love. They always feel lonely even when they are with people and the reason is very simple because they don’t love themselves. We should work on self-love and start loving and trusting ourselves. This line of Sadhguru- that if you cannot spend time with yourself how can you expect someone else to love spending time with you?

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We all like to spend time with someone we love so how can we not spend time with ourselves. We are not in communion with ourselves. This is why we feel unloved.”

She says, “People don’t get enough time for the emotions because now it’s all about business. This is good because the entertainment industry is somewhere where your professional life and personal life should be different. You can’t have the same emotion everywhere. I think that person will be more organized and have a simple and happy life. It is true that there is so much pressure in the entertainment industry but if the individual knows how to sort it it’s a great place to be in.”

This generation thinks differently, says Priya, adding, “This generation is far more practical now. That is the need of the hour, everyone is competitive, everybody is in a race to define themselves. That’s why they are emotionless or in denial because they don’t have time to talk about how they are feeling. Everyone acts supercool but no one wants to talk about how it's inside. I think that’s why there are so many suicidal, depression cases. I would say this generation is more into denial. I think the previous generation and our generation both have flaws in love. Earlier people used to express and expect in love but this youth’s generation are in denial of love. And these things don't work together. You need to deal with it and there’s no wrong in being too emotional and communication is also very important.”

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