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Priyank Sharma Is Back With Puncch Beat Season 2


Jyothi Venkatesh

Priyank Sharma who has become a digital icon is once again back with the hit series Puncch Beat Season 2.  The actor received a lot of appreciation for his character of Rahat and his fan following amongst the youth audience has just been multiplying.  After having participated in some of the most popular reality shows, Priyank took a detour and lately has been juggling between various web series.  Puncch Beat Season 1 had a great response post which Priyank was also seen in Holiday which has done quite well.  The face of many hit singles, Priyank is on a roll as Puncch Beat Season 2 is back on demand!  Priyank shares, “Yes I am excited for the second and the third season.  This show is very close to my heart since I started my acting debut with Punnch Beat. We all are just waiting for the script to come out and I am very excited but you guys can already see on my social media that my boxing practice has already started . This time I really want to come out as an better actor , and a better boxer for the show, so my preparations have already started.  I don’t want to leave any scope when it comes to my performance so will be working even more harder this time . The first season honestly while as an actor I had full faith in the show, you don’t know till you get feedback from your audience.  And the feedback touchwood was fabulous.  I am looking forward to the second season and hoping we are able to deliver better performances while we entertain our audience!”

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