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Priyansh Jora Feels That Good Looks Are Subjective


Jyothi Venkatesh

Priyansh Jora, who was recently seen in the film Khandaani Shafakhana, recently shot with ace photographer Prashant Samtani and he is impressed by the pictures. The actor says that shooting with the photographer was a wonderful experience. “I am glad that Prashant Samtani captured me in a fresh new light and the photos are looking amazing and fresh as well. I am happy to have a new set of photos which are projecting another dynamic part of my personality which is good. All I can say is that Prashant did a fabulous job.While good looks are important in the industry, they are also very subjective. Looking good is important but it is always subjective. Good looks mean different things for different people. The way you present yourself, that has to be optimum and that has to be nicely done,” he says.For this perfect presentation, he feels that Hritik Roshan is the best inspiration. “I am absolutely obsessed with Hrithik Roshan’s presence, appeal and the persona he carries. He is so effortless and so good, he is just brilliant,” he says.It’s all about confidence, he says, “The battle is won if you are confident and that can happen in whichever skin and in whichever way you are. I already said that good looks as such a subjective matter. My take is that having good confidence and working to make yourself more presentable is important. It’s about your personality as well,” he says.

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