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Priyansh Jora Has An Amazing Time On Himanshu Malhotra’s Share And Grow Spotlight


Jyothi Venkatesh

Priyansh Jora recently came as the guest on actor Himanshu Malhotra’s talk show Share and Grow Spotlight. The former says that he had an amazing time on the show. “We had a fun chat. Himanshu has a very sober and very serene personality. And I think the knowledge that he has, the perspective that he has towards the outer world, and of course, the outlook that he has towards himself is so beautiful,” says Priyansh.

Both Priyansh and Himanshu know each other for some time. “I’ve known him for a while, both of us share a very interesting common connection of our teacher Sushil Sir. He has trained a lot of Bollywood celebrities, and he conducts workshops too. He trains people in singing and acting. And he’s been a trainer to Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra and a lot of other actors too. So Himanshu also used to go to him for his vocal training and I also used to go to him for my training. We met there once. We met once at the Iskon temple. So that’s when we started sharing the insights and our perspectives on life,” he says.

Talking about the show, he says, “The chat show was amazing, we had good fun. When he first called me, I was absolutely clueless. I had no idea what format it would be in and what they will ask me. We played some games and had a good interaction. And it wasn’t a planned thing. It was a very spontaneous conversation. There was absolutely no blueprint around the flow of the conversation. Of course, there were certain games that we played. I let my guards down and had an amazing time,” he says.

He adds, “People need more of people like Himanshu Malhotra and such initiatives like Share and Grow, where somebody is talking and sharing beautiful things to people. This is how we can have a different outlook on the world.”

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