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Producer of Big B-starrer ‘Chehre,’ on the lookout for fresh talent


Veteran Producer Anand Pandit is a busy man these days. He is wrapping up two big-budget films and is doing the spadework for the third one. Amitabh Bachchan starrer Chehre and The Big Bull with Abhishek Bachchan are almost complete and Pandit is already exploring the idea of making a suspense thriller with fresh faces.

He says, “A couple of interesting scripts have come my way and am looking for that zing, that engaging unpredictability that keeps the audiences glued to their seats as they wonder what is going to happen next. I feel the OTT content has opened the way for many new genres and forced us to think out of the box, take risks with unusual plots and even new talent.”

Anand Pandit has collaborated and produced some iconic films under the banner Anand Pandit Motion Pictures.

Explaining his point further, he says, “Just see how many new writers, actor and directors have emerged from the OTT content streams and it is inspiring that eyeballs are now being commanded by content and not just by star power though I believer big stars will always have an irresistible lure for the audiences. Established stars will always have a vast following but yes, a new face, a fresh talent can also add to a narrative. I want to look out for actors who are hungry and ready for their big break.”

As to how he will look for new actors, he answers, “Well, there is no dearth of good talent and I hope to take advantage of technology and maybe launch a nationwide hunt and have auditions online. I am looking forward to seeing that spark in someone new and then showcase it on the screen for the world to see.”

Anand Pandit has collaborated and produced some iconic films under the banner Anand Pandit Motion Pictures. Interestingly he is working with both the Bachchans currently – with Big B in ‘Chehre’ and Junior Bachchan in ‘The Big Bull’ both set to release later this year. Anand Pandit often called the man with the Midas touch, is not just a successful producer but a formidable force in the real estate sector. His high end, luxury real estate company, Lotus Developers has developed state-of-the-art residences for the who’s who of Bollywood.