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Producer Parag Sanghavi gets a clean chit

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Jyothi Venkatesh

 Producer Parag Sanghvi recorded his statement at the Thane Anti Extortion Cell (AEC) in connection with a betting racket in June 2018.

The police force undertook a series of investigations on Parag Sanghv in the last one year and after a thorough inquiry have decided to close the case and give him a clean chit.

Pradeep Sharma, Senior Inspector posted at the Thane crime branch who recorded Parag Sanghavi’s statement has resigned from his duty but before going off the force has decided to close this case.

Sharma who has more than 100 encounters under his name said that, ‘’after going through all the videos, recordings, statements and other evidences over the last year, me and my team have come to a conclusion that Parag Sanghavi was falsely accused and there is no valid case on him.”

Parag Sanghavi is an Indian film, producer who has produced super hit films like Sarkar and Partner. He has a few movies coming up in the pipeline that will be announced shortly.

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