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Publicist Turned author Pooja Valeja’s ‘A Flight To Catch’ Receives Appreciation


Personalities share their take on the book that showcases a couple traversing around Canada in a journey that changes both their lives forever

Mumbai, 22nd December 2020: ‘A Flight to Catch’, the book by Pooja Valeja launched last month and ever since its release on Amazon worldwide, the author cum entrepreneur has found reactions to the book amazingly positive and uplifting. A four-month labour of love that was created during lockdown, the book tells the story of a relationship between ‘Pritz’ and ‘Patel’ that transforms and switches many moulds with an interesting twist in the tail as they travel across the great country of Canada in wintertime.

‘A Flight to Catch’, it is sure to witness an amazing Diwali

Pooja Valeja A flight To catchFrom whimsical experiences in a foreign country to the couple facing many moments of whacky conundrums, the unique book since its release has been covered across various media spaces and received attention of not only Media, but also brands. Even though its just been a month of the ‘A Flight to Catch’, it is sure to witness an amazing Diwali.

Pooja Valeja A flight To catchSharing her experience of writing to gaining attention for the book, the author Pooja Valeja shared,” I was a bit apprehensive to release the book, initially. But one day, I made the decision to do this and the reaction received has made the experience so much sweeter. I have been overwhelmed by celebrities asking me about the book and how they were so surprised by the many moments that made them go ‘whoa’. I don’t want to give away much but the book is a reflection to celebrate every experience in your life no matter what the end result is! The couple in the book share a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the book and I am happy that people relate to the book and the characters.”

A few celebrities shared their views about the book as well, a few of them include :

Actor Sunny Sachdeva shared, “Life is a bag of surprises and the book, ‘A flight to Catch, by Pooja Valeja definitely highlights every bit of it. Personally, in my life, I have also noticed that things may not go as planned but it’s only the hard work and dedication that gets you where you want”

Pooja Valeja A flight To catchActress Divya Malik shared, “It’s great to see how all of us are so talented but we have never had the time to explore it. In fact the lock-down has given a little time to each one of us to sit back and follow our passions. ‘A Flight to Catch’ by Pooja Valeja is a great read. It highlights the various Twists and turns of a relationship. I personally enjoyed reading it”.

Pooja Valeja A flight To catch

Actor Kashyap shared, “A simple yet an interesting read. All the situations and incidents in the story are so relatable, the twist in the end totally took me by surprise. Expecting ‘A flight to catch-Part 2’. Congratulations and all the best Pooja.”

Pooja Valeja A flight To catch

Actor Ashank shared, “We all have another side, and it’s nice to see how Pooja has discovered hers as an author. ‘A Flight to Catch’ Is completely a modern life love story with multiple twists. Wishing her luck and success”.

A wonderful read that showcases the very best of impromptu travels, fun experiences and more, A Flight to Catch is a must-read that caught attention!

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