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Puneet Issar’s Son Sidhant Issar Steals The Show In Mahabharat As Young Duryodhan


Jyothi Venkatesh

Thirty years from the time he played the antagonist in BR Chopra’s television series Mahabharat, Puneet Issar remains Duryodhana in popular imagination. It is a role he is returning to as he recreates the epic in the theatre production Mahabharat, which was staged yesterday in Mumbai after it has had 25 shows in Delhi. The 25th show of the magnanimous play Mahabharat written as well as directed by actor Puneet Issar was held at St Andres Auditorioum and this corresponsent was invited specially to watch the play by actor-writer- director Puneet Issar. I should confess that it was indeed a very enriching and rewarding experience of its own. Each and wevery actor who was cast in the play by Puneet perfectly fitted his or her part to the T. Though the play consisted mostly of new tralenmts from the theatre, the veteran stalwarts like Gufi Paintal, Surinder Pal Singh and last but not the least Puneet Issar himself was part of the cast. While Puneet Issar played the role of Duryodhan with aplomb like he usedto do in the serial Mahabharat, his son Siddhant proved t be the scene stealer with his physique as well as tongue twisting dialogues in Hindi as well as Sansklrit in the play. Surinder Pal Singh reprised his original role as Droinacharya in the play while Gufi Paintal played the role of Mamashri Shakuni and brought the house down with his comic villain role. A noteworthy aspect of the play is the lighting and clever stage setting, which automatically adds another level of perfection to the magnificence of the play along with the music and the costumes.Another highlight of the costly play with opulent sets was Meghna Patel, who played the eponunmous role of Dhartimaata as the sutradhar who linked the events

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