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“Pushpa Impossible is one daredevil among Indian shows dedicated to mothers’’ says Garima Parihar aka Dipti from Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible


Jyothi Venkatesh

1. How does it feel to be associated with Sony Sab’s Pushpa Impossible?

It feels amazing to be associated with Sony SAB since I have always enjoyed their shows as a viewer. I have admired Sony SAB’s family-oriented content for so long.

It was my long time dream of working with the Sony team and thus I can proudly announce that one wish from my bucket list has been finally ticked off.

2. What intrigued you to take up the role of Dipti?

Dipti is a strong headed woman. She is sweet but also knows how to be stern at times when the situation demands. She always takes up the moral high ground.

I have always wanted to play a character that is idealistic and can inspire people to be good. I believe Dipti’s character has that potential!

3. Share something about your character. How much do you relate to it?

When I heard about the character, I instantly related to how Dipti thinks. She is open-minded, and upfront about her feelings.

She doesn’t believe in the status quo and accepts Ashwin the way he is. Not only this, but she also is a feminist. I am a hardcore feminist too!

These attributes eased me into Dipti’s sketch and I could portray Dipti; as the same girl like me, but with a different name and of course getup. We are the two sides of the same coin, I personally resonate with her a lot.

4. How is Pushpa Impossible going to be different from all the previous mother-centric Tv serials in India?

Pushpa Impossible has a distinctive appeal. Everyone tries to come up with a unique concept each time they write a show but often ‘being safe’ with content takes the front seat while uniqueness is compromised with.

But Pushpa Impossible is one daredevil among those Indian shows that are dedicated to mothers. People can see the difference. Comparison is inevitable and that just inspires more unique story lines like that of Pushpa.

5. How is your bond with the cast and crew of Pushpa Impossible?

Oh, it’s lovely! I still remember our first day with each other. We were all mildly awkward and new, sitting in the workshop and understanding the show.

Everything was slow-paced as usual but when things started to pick up, we bonded quickly. The reason why we all can be a reel family is that we behave like a family off-camera too.

We never feel we were all strangers before this show. The warmth with which we greet each other every day can be easily felt by just observing from afar.

When you have such positivity around you, you start enjoying your hectic work days like you are on a vacation.

6. What is that one thing about Dipti that will touch the audience’s hearts?

I just can’t pick one. As I mentioned, there are so many things extremely likable about this character. Dipti is independent, strong-headed, and a capable lady.

She is confident and knows how to maintain fantastically good relations with those around her. For all those people, especially women who want to live like Dipti but can’t because of a certain reason, she will be an inspiration. I know the audience will fall in love with her as I am in love with her too.

7. Do you think formal education is important to achieve success in life?

Yes, it is important. But the motive of formal education is never just to achieve success. It is to develop and form your mind enough so one can further work on skills and knowledge. Life and education are similar.

Nonetheless, I will always be pro-education since it changes your thoughts as well as your lifestyle.

8. Deepti and Pushpa have a very unique bond that is very different from other Saas-bahu relationships. Can you please elaborate on this?

Oh, yes! Dipti and Pushpa share a unique bond. The viewer’s must-have seen Pushpa in different shades of character.

She is fun-loving at the same time is responsible. As for Dipti, she is constantly learning. She has been raised differently but nicely.

She is aware of her self-worth. When Dipti sees Pushpa, she undergoes a very similar phenomenon where a child poses as the parent, and the parent becomes a child.

You can see a hint of that in their relationship. There are moments Dipti acts juvenile and similarly, Pushpa becomes the parent. Also, Pushpa never runs out of positivity, Dipti admires that a lot. The bonding will only strengthen with time and the course of events.

9. Any message for the audience?

I am loving how the audience is being vocal about their appreciation for my character. I am growing greedy for it.

I want to say to them that I love them equally. My best wishes are with them. I urge them to please keep watching the show and continue the cycle of mutual love.

Watch Pushpa Impossible from Mon-Sat, 9:30 pm onwards on Sony SAB

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