Pyar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti: Ranjan's Sinister Plans Threaten Shiv's Peace - Will the Truth Be Revealed?

By Bollyy
New Update

Mandira hears Shiv and Shakti's conversation. Keertan asks Mandira about the box. Mandira says, "This box will destroy Shiv and Shakti both," and tells him to bring mineral water from the room. She then texts Rimjhim from Keertan's number. Rimjhim sees Keertan in her room and he angrily leaves. Mandira's planning works to bring Rimjhim and Keertan in front of each other. Shakti warns Keertan to stay away from Rimjhim. Mandira is searching for Nandu. Shakti is about to reach toward the box, but Keertan takes it with him.
Shiv and Shakti are decorating the mehendi place and planning how to reveal Ranjan's truth. Shiv's family observes them happily, except Mandira, Koyal, and Keertan. Padma calls Nandu, but he's not picking up the call. Ranjan plans to put a sleeping pill in Shiv's drink, but Jija tells him not to make any stupid mistakes, as Shiv is more powerful than them. Two goons enter the Shakti house with Ranjan's family and mix up with the guests. Shiv guards Shakti. Ranjan hides from Raghunath and Kamalnath. Mandira tells Ranjan, "You will marry Shakti only, leave it on me, just hide from Raghunath." Shiv tries to remember where he has seen Ranjan but can't get any vision of the past. Will Mandira be able to succeed in her plan? What is Ranjan trying to do with Shiv?


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