Pyarelal (Of The Laxmikant Pyarelal Duo) Aap Jaisa Koi Nahi, Koi Nahi

He walked into a recording studio packed with a team of a hundred different musicians A man always dressed in white and with a smile which

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Pyarelal (Of The Laxmikant  Pyarelal Duo) Aap Jaisa Koi Nahi, Koi Nahi

Ali Peter John

He walked into a recording studio packed with a team of a hundred different musicians

A man always dressed in white and with a smile which reflected the glory and the glow within him

He was there our before the recording of a song

His walking into the hall changed the atmosphere, changed the faces, moods and heart beats of every one around

It almost always gave me the feelings as if every instrument was singing and dancing in delight to welcome their saviour

They knew the man who had walked in wave his  magic baton and bring life in to the and give them life that was eternal and immortal

Every man and women watched in silence and wondered what the humble man who was a mighty maestro had in his treasure to gift to a song this time

Pyarelalji aa gaye, Pyarelalji aa gaye, the people announced as if they were announcing the arrival of the messiah of music


Yes, Pyarelal of the Laxmikant and Pyarelal duo who together had scored music for more than four hundred and fifty films in forty years was still working his magic which no other music director could

He walked around the hall, greeted his partner Laxmikant and Pyarelal and then all the other lyrics and touched every instrument with reverence

He spoke very little, his music, his waving of his baton and the gestures on his face said all that he had to say

He done took his craze at the huge organ, his favourite instrument, his finger moved on the keys and every touch created pure magic

Pyarelal the man born to give music all the dignity, all the respect and even all the worship was in a trance when he created his tunes

Pyarelal was the king who sat on his throne, the stool on which he sat ruling music with just the touch of his God gifted finger


His music moved every human heart and soul beating in that place, beating at double their rhythm

He was not satisfied till he gave of his best and till every musician came up with his best

There were times when he took three days to complete the recording of a song because he couldnt find what he wanted

He could create heavenly music with a hundred  strong orchestra and even create sublime music with just eight musicians sitting around him

He could compose every kind of song, a song in praise of God to a song in praise of the beloved, from a song of pleasure to a song of pain, from a song of agony to a song of ecstasy, he was a man who had the power to break rules and create new rules of music, he could follow the old and shakeup the sound of music of the times


Pyarelal left his impression on every sound, every pause, every silence, even the words of every song

He had the power to tell the great Lata Mangeshkar when she was going wrong and she humbly followed him

He had the power to give the voices of single a new life, give them a reason to sing and not just sing for no rhyme or reason

The lovers of music, his rivals and even his critics couldnt help but sing paeans in his honour

He didnt have to ask for respect, he didnt have to buy respect like others did because respect gave the him because he deserved all the respect

Man could not look down on Pyarelalji because God from above was always by his side he ruled the world of music for years, there were ups and downs but the ups were always up and the downed very rare


Time changes, Laxmikant left for some unknown land, Pyarelal suffered a paralytic attack

And all that was part of the heady and glorious days where now story becoming a part of history and is but Pyarelaljis love for music is still the same at sixty eight, he can still move the world with the music

That is why you will see him once again in all his glory in Shah Rukh Khans Om Shanti Om in which creates a song like he used to once upon a time, thank you Farah Khan for doing music the honor with only a man like Pyarelalji could

There may be many other composer to create or seem to create music in the name of all kinds of sounds signifying little or nothing, but there was only one Pyarelalji, there is only one like him and there always will be only one like him, the one and only Pyarelalji

Pyarelalji aap jaisa koi nahi, koi nahi, aur kahin aayge sangeet ke pujari, lekin aap ki puja, aap ki bhakti, aap ki shakti jo aap ne sangeet ko di hai woh hamesha ke liye, usse koi taaqat badal nahi sakti, bhula nahi sakti

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