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Quotes From Celebrities On How Coronovirus Has Affected Their Lives


DJ Sheizwood-

Due to this unfortunate situation, I had to cancel two big shows lined up in Delhi and Bengaluru but of course , because safety comes first. Though as of now it is not a aggravated situation but people are getting the jitters. It better to be safe than sorry. I request people to stay indoors, avoid public gatherings. Use masks & sanitizers, be safe.

Paras Chhabra-

If a country is under lock down, then I am sure it is very serious. Off course it has affected my professional life deeply but considering the seriousness of the situation I think canceling plans both professional & personal is the need of the hour. Like we say “jaan hai toh jahan hai”, I think its high time people implement this statement. Use masks & sanitizers, be safe.

Mahira Sharma-


We all are aware of the pandemic that has challenged mankind. It has affected work- shoots, events etc but there is no other way right now. The best way to over come this is by being careful to avoid potential danger. Protect yourself & people around you, listen to your doctor & most importantly do not spread false rumors, it will only cause more panic. Educate yourself & others & be safe.  Let’s not forget that we are all together in this. Let’s fight it together…

Vindu Dara Singh-


Keeping everyone’s health and well being in mind we had postponed the #BBparty due to Coronavirus from the 15th of March …Will keep you updated on the date soon..Stay safe everyone!

Harshada Patil-

Because of this unfortunate situation of Coronavirus, we have postponed my sister’s wedding. Not just that even professionally there has been a set back- cancellation of events, public appearances, delay in projects. But I am happy because safety comes first. Its important to act responsibly in this situation & take all the necessary precautions for our well being. I request everyone to use masks & sanitizers & be safe & indoors.

Smita Gondkar-

Just like everyone, Coronavirus has affected by life also.  Lot of shoots and plans has been cancelled..But right now since coming few weeks are crucial for India looking at the facts and figures of how other countries has been affected  work and personal plans can wait..Right now we need be responsible, disciplined and should stand united by following the rules, precautionary measures issued by the government to fight this pandemic that we can go back to living our lives the way we use to.