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Qyuki creator nikhil and rishabh release ‘aadatburihai,’ an unconventional breakup track


Jyothi Venkatesh

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Nikhil Shetty and pianist/producer Rishabh Ravi have released the music video for their debut single, “AadatBuriHai.” The track marks the genesis of the musical duo who go by the name Nikhil and Rishabh. Featuring silken vocals and melodic riffs, “AadatBuriHai” is not your typical song about breakups. Delving into healing and reminiscence, Nikhil and Rishabh’s debut offering is a sonic medium of closure and “AadatBuriHai” is already striking a chord with listeners.

Penned by creator, Nikhil and produced by Rishabh, the song charts the endless loop of separation and reconciliation between lovers. The four-minute-long music video features Nikhil as he types and discards letters at the typewriter, frustrated and encouraged by the memories of love.

Conceived and filmed before the global COVID-19 lockdown, the music video for “AadatBuriHai” arrives as a much-needed salve of hope in a mending world. Nikhil bleeds ink on paper as he dreams of his lover and muse, a mesmerizing ribbon dancer who renders graceful choreography to the romantic track. Rishabh and guitarist AbhishekDasgupta, too, feature in the music video, delivering emotive visuals as they create magic on their instruments.

Say Nikhil and Rishabh,“ ‘AadatBuriHai’ is our debut single as a duo and it’s, hence, very close to our hearts. A song about love, it was written to experience closure and healing.We hope this song sparks hope among listeners. We would also like to thank Qyuki for all the support they have lent in making this release happen.”The track also features a cinematic bridge, accentuated by emphatic riffs and sparkling melodies, making “AadatBuriHai” an absolute treat for music lovers.

The single is the first of many offerings from Nikhil and Rishabh who are all set to release a lot more singles in the months ahead, a time during which the duo look forward to exploring and defining their unique sound.