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Raghu Cng Ready For Release On October 18


Jyothi Venkatesh

Raghu CNG which has been produced under the banner of V 3 Production is all set for release on October 18. It is a Crime- Suspense-Thriller al rolled in one, produced and directed by Vishal Vada Vala . It revolves around a psychopath called Raghu and has many characters, who are kidnapped and murdered. The movie progresses with the gradual torture of Raghu on Bhumi and Dhaval, who he has kidnapped at one aloof place where no one can hear their shouting. The cops and family members of Bhumi and Dhaval put all the effort to find them out. And in between the story, Bhumi and Dhaval draw close to one another softly, quickly and naturally and Drama will be unfolded by a police officer a name called Ashok who gives a pivotal edge to the movie which helps to solve the puzzle and ends his investigation  and reveals the story behind their kidnaps in the climax.

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