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Rain Rain Go Away? Not Yet!

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It’s September and it’s still raining cats and dogs! Well, here’s what TV stars tell JYOTHI VENKATESH about water logging and traffic jams.

Mreenal Deshraj

The rains in Mumbai start to be a pleasant season giving everyone the relief from extreme hot temperature. But later it turns into a problem when it’s flooding and brings the whole city to a standstill. This makes normal routine almost impossible. The government is also doing a lot but not the fullest. I wish that we have a better system of commutation and that we work towards environmental causes to make sure that our rains don’t hamper our lives. Also, an emergency evacuation plan is also important which other countries have in case of any natural calamities.

Zuber K Khan

Rains create transportation problems which affect each and even individual in their own way. I hope it won’t get more like 26th July. I support rain but not excess. As they say, the show must go on and so we struggle through the water and the traffic jams to reach our sets.

Ankit Bathla

The rains have been quite extensive from the last couple of days and it’s really sudden so the people were not prepared for it. We, actors also get affected. I shoot in Naigaon and I was stuck there for 24 hours. Just outside our set, there a river or water body which got over flooded and water was all over the road. The cars couldn’t go and a lot of people could not reach the set. We had to delay the shoot, the telecast was the next day so there was a ruckus. Everyone is affected by it, be it the common man, actors or businessmen. It’s good that it’s raining and the couple of hours which it stops it does drain out fast which is good. So I think it’s been better what it has been past years. Instead of cribbing, we should feel good that things have changed and changing still.

Ashish Trivedi

Everything has its advantages and drawbacks. Maharashtra being a state which faces drought, these rains will help a lot if things are taken care of properly. Things have improved from what they have been in the past but there is a scope of improvement everywhere. Rain affects everyone. Perseverance and preparation is the solution. Each individual has to work on their level to achieve that and improve the way of life.

Nishant Malkani

A few months back, we were facing scarcity of water and now there’s excess water, though there have been rains, it’s good that the drainage system this year is good that the water is draining fast. Being an actor is no different than being a common man. Yes, we do have a few luxuries but when it comes to working we walk the same road and when the roads are covered with water which makes it difficult to travel, Nature doesn’t bifurcate between a common man and an actor. Working in a daily soap we have to meet the deadlines of telecast and when the shoot is disturbed, work won’t be delivered as well.

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