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Rajat Sharma Puts The Bigg Boss Contestants In ‘Katghara’ 


The finale week witnesses a major change in the contestants’ morning routine. Where in the past the contestants began their day with fights in the kitchen, today the contestants are in a happy mood. Sidharth Shukla, for a change, is handling the kitchen and joking about how the other contestants make him work. He takes a jibe at Rashami for hiding ration and pulling it out only when she is cooking.

Much to the contestant’s surprise, they see a Kathghara set up in the living area and rightly assume that a grilling session by Rajat Sharma is on the cards. Rajat Sharma bombards the contestants with hitting questions and holds them accountable for certain incidents that have taken place in the house. The first one to face the wrath is Rashami Desai.

The first allegation is that Rashami is that she took a backseat post Arhaan’s eviction. He further adds that initially, she mentioned that about shocked to learn about Arhaan’s truth and then in the next 48 hours she proposed to him. He asks her whether it was a part of her plan? Rashami reacts by saying that she had no clue about Arhaan’s marriage and kid and she felt that she was emotionally used. He also takes a dig at Rashami’s relationship with Sidharth and digs deeper to ask her about their issues. Rashami says that she finds Sidharth to be a control freak and he always  taunts everyone.  He also asks what was that one thing that Sidharth wanted to clarify before coming into the house. This leaves her speechless and she replies by saying that is very personal.

Next up is Asim. Rajat Sharma blames him for not controlling his anger. He also questions him on his friendship with Sidharth whom he considered to be his brother. Asim justifies by saying that Sidharth provoked him a lot and he doesn’t listen to others and how he is turning a deaf ear to him as well. He adds that Asim is always seen gaining sympathy in the show. Paras is also questioned on why he went missing from the game. Was it because he surrounded himself with Sidharth? Rajat asks him that he raised questions about Shefali Jariwala and Asim’s relationship but he has no qualms about hugging Mahira all the time.

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