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Rajesh kumar’s tailor disguise takes inspiration from rishi kapoor


Jyothi Venkatesh

Rajesh Kumar’s recent fun act of disguising himself as a tailor in producers Sanjay and Binaiferr Kohli’s show Excuse Me Maadam, has received a phenomenal response from his audience. The actor reveals that his character of a tailor is inspired by late actor’s disguise as a tailor in the iconic film Amar Akbar Anthony.”For an episode, where my Sanam gets stuck because he didn’t do something that Madam had asked him to do, he takes the disguise of a tailor to save himself and take Madam’s measurement.

Rajesh Kumar, Nyra Banerjee (3)

This whole disguise happened in a fun way. People tell me that I look like Rishi Kapoor ji, and this look is taken from Amar Akbar Anthony’s Rishi ji’s look. This is a fun episode and I finally manage to disguise myself quite well,” he shares.

The multi-talented actor also reveals that playing a disguise in a show is a lot of fun and adds so much to different layers of a character.”Any get up brings some kind of fun and brings out characters within the character. It becomes a little difficult but also fun. You get a chance to go over the top because you enact some other character and you don’t have to be in a realistic zone.

The costume and make-up highlights the character and it is very supportive and helpful because this is the difference between realistic and animated. You can play with it. For example, if you are in the character of a sardaar ji, you know you can speak Punjabi and play with it,” he says.