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Rajkummar Rao Spills The Beans On No Filter Neha Season 4! 


Rajkummar on film promotions 

Most of the times yes but in some times you get some really good bunch of people with you like for Stree when we were promoting, it was so much fun, because you have your friends around you. So sometimes it’s fun but most of the times ya it’s pretty painful. I call it a call center job!

When Rajkummar had to become a monkey for an audition! 

I just shifted to Mumbai, I think it must have been like 4-5 months. I got to know that there is this director and he is planning for this film and he is meeting actors. So I went there to meet him and he gave me a scene to perform. It was a very normal, conversational scene. I did that and then suddenly, I don’t know what he thought, he said can you do the same thing like how a monkey would do. And I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. And I was like, like a monkey, like really?? By that time I lost all my interest, I said you know what, I’m just gonna have some fun, so I did that. I was all over his table and his chair, and became a full monkey. Because then I said you know, let me just have fun and get out of here. So I did that.

Rajkummar Rao says he doesn’t know what a star means

People call me that. People say that you’re a star but it never happened that I have ever felt like a star. I don’t know what does it mean that you’re a star.

Rajkummar on the BIG fight during Judgemental Hai Kya

I saw so many memes, people had made up so many videos – ‘what Rajkumar Rao must be thinking’. I was just waiting for it to get over. I’m a very patient guy, I was just sitting there, witnessing the whole thing because there was nothing else I could do. They were both putting their point across and I thought maybe they are right, they should talk to each other, if it is this way, then unfortunately it is this way. In front of the whole world then yeah that’s the way it is. But I was just waiting for it to just get done with it and talk about the film.

Rajkummar Rao was a Gunda in school! 

I wasn’t a bad boy but I was a very adventurous kid. I was always outdoors, doing something or the other. I would get into a lot of fights. I was a filmy hero, I was not a gunda, I wouldn’t call it a gunda. So my friends, they would get into a fight and they would call me. I would just look for an excuse to get into a fight. It was like yeah ‘Raj ko aane de, Raj ko aane de’ and then I would go. I would go like a hero, I was a fully filmy kid.

When Rajkummar had to tell his parents about his nude scene 

So I got the call and I was, of course, very happy. One of the most happiest moments of my life. And then after 2 days I met Dibaker and he then told me that you know there is a scene where you have to be fully naked in the scene. It took me seconds to just understand it and I then I said yeah it’s fine, it’s my job. And I said yeah anything for my part but I knew that I now have to tell my parents and my family. But they were very cool. I just told them, I didn’t even ask them. I just told them ki listen there is this film I got, they were very happy. And then you know in the last scene I might be naked – they were like What! I said mujhe nanga hona padega shayad! I said no only back, only back, no frontal nudity but they were very okay about it, never discuss this point

Rajkumar shares his thoughts on working with PC!

I’m very excited. I’m super duper thrilled, nervous also because I know it will be a different process but a process I’m pretty sure I’m gonna enjoy. Just live the part. I met PC, we’ve had couple of reading sessions and she is a great girl. I’m going to have some New York accent and put in a bit of a New York accent. I’m still under training. I’ll do it but, you’ll see it in the film. I’m keeping it for that. But PC is a very chilled out girl, she is a really really great actor. Like how she would come up with ideas and we would improvise and she would be completely involved. That’s a great quality I think.

Rajkummar’s wonderful luck…! 

Me and Patra I think we keep forgetting things but luckily she tells me that I always find it back, I always get it back. Like some way or the other, if I’m gonna forget my phone in some cafe in London if I go back the next day also they’ll tell me that yeah your phone is here but it doesn’t happen with her. She always tell me – you it’s not fair, how come you always get it.

Rajkummar’s New Years destination this year 

This time, I’m planning for my New Year’s holiday, I’m planning to go to Switzerland.

Rajkummar on how he’d stand outside Mannat for hours when he first came to Mumbai and his BIG fan moment when really met SRK

I met him in Bombay only at Mehboob Studios and before that I was growing up in Delhi, I could feel that connect you know because he is also from Delhi and he made it so big. Actually, first time when I came to Bombay, I would just stand outside Mannat, for hours for like 6-7 hours I would just stand there. Trying my luck that I might get to see him. I saw Gauri though so I felt so happy, “Gauri, Gauri Ma’am”

I didn’t get to see him, then I was also shooting at Mehboob for something then I got to know that he is here so I called Shakun and said ki listen I want to meet him, he said yeah sure, let me just tell him. But then almost after 15 mins I got a call from Shakun that go meet him he is done. So I entered the van and I saw him, first time like live, the real SRK, but he was so sweet. He knew everything about me and he made me feel so special. I became a bigger fan after that meeting. He is so fantastic. He is so charming and after that of course now we are pretty close. Like I know I can message him, I know I can call him and he calls me and I still get pretty excited and you know that fan inside me would never die. I still feel very very happy whenever he calls me.

Who would Rajkummar recast for Hum

Oh wow! I love that film. I used to beat the shit out of my brother by just doing that -‘Yeh Muthi hai’! For Govinda’s and Rajini Sir’s part I would cast Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. For Amitji’s part I would cast Akshay Sir.

Who would Rajkummar recast for Exorcist

Patralekha really likes horror films so I’m gonna cast her

Best director according to Rajkummar

Sriram Raghavan

Rajkummar’s worst hostel experience

Worst? to clean those toilets! But I’m pretty finicky about cleanliness so one day, not one day actually I have done it some 3-4 times in 2 years, I would just call a friend and was like you know what we need to clean these toilets. We’re using them, nobody else cares but we gonna care.

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