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Rajniesh Duggall “With Non-Stop Cricket And Commentary And Entertainment, This Year BCL Will Even Be Bigger”


Rajniesh Duggall, who is the caption of Goa Killer in BCL, is geared up for the tournament. The actor tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that the team is in great shape and the tournament this year will be bigger.

Since how many years you are playing BCL?

Last season was my first time in BCL. This year it will be interesting to see as I am the captain of GOA Killer team.

Which position you will play -allrounder? Bowler, Batsman?

As an allrounder – I am ambidextrous, I can bowl and bat with left and right, both sides.

Do you watch cricket matches as well?

I used to watch a lot of cricket on TV but now I just watch it on the app or in my breaks.

Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches?

I love T20, they’re a treat for the audience. The adrenaline in 20-20 overs can be exceptional.

This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time?

Yes, in fact a few of my friends are going to see a couple of matches of the World Cup too. With the kind of squad India has right now, we have a very good chance of winning the cup.


How you are preparing for BCL?

Our team has started practicing really late, but now it’s all in sync. The entire squad is raring to go.

BCL is a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment what is your take on that.

The entire format of BCL on a youth channel is to bring 200 plus GEC actors together to play one of the most favourite games of the nation. With Balaji and Marinating Films coming together, this is bound to provide entertainment to millions and I love it.

BCL is famous for controversies. What is your take on that?

Wherever there is cricket or actors, there has to be a little bit of controversy. So, it’s part of the game. Where there is good, there has to be evil too. As long as it’s under control, it’s okay.

Youth loved BCL last year on MTV. The youth audiences loved it. Comment.

As mentioned above, this format is created for the youth and with non-stop cricket and commentary and entertainment, this year will even be bigger. The teams are more charged and they’ll get to see many more faces since every team has a male and a female celebrity.

What are your expectations from BCL this year?

We are a much stronger team this year, as a squad, we are very focused. We are aiming to win the cup and put up a great show at MTVBCL.

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