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Rajpal Yadav’s Bhaagte Raho Hits The Theatre While Rajpal Yadav Is Stuck In Jail

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Jyothi Venkatesh

As per the court decision recently Rajpal Yadav has been sentenced to jail, even as his comedy film “Bhaagte Raho” has been released in theatres on 14th December. Rajpal Yadav is playing a comic don in the film and his performance has been impressive. The film revolves around the life of an ex-military cook and how his life gets entangled in multiple comic situations. Bhaagte Raho also stars Sunil Pal, Gopi Bhalla, Dinesh Hingoo, Riya Deepsi and Abhay Raichand. It can be said as a comedy comeback of Rajpal Yadav in main line comedy stream for which he was being missed. Incidentally, we hear that Rajpal Yadav keepinghimself engaged by engaged his other jail inmates with his comic repartee and general experiences in Bollywood in the jail

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