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Rakesh Bedi To Direct And Act In Felicity Theatre’s Play Jab We Separated


Felicity Theatre will stage the extraordinary entertainer, Jab we Separated, written and directed by film, television and theatre stalwart, with the television actress Shweta Tiwari, renowned theatre personality Rahul Bhuchar and the multi-faceted actor Rakesh Bedi himself.  The play depicts the mindset of modern-day couples whose lives are woven in the fragile thread of mistrust. It’s a reflection of a contemporary society that when confronted with infidelity or regular nagging, today’s young couples resort to the only shortcut available, divorce! Jab we Separated promises to stun audiences for the first time in Mumbai with its debut performance on Saturday, 10th November at the NATIONAL CENTER OF PERFORMING ARTS.Rakesh Bedi says, “Divorce today is one of the most burning social issues in our society. Jab we separated explores discord in matrimony and how young couples today have lost faith in the concept of love, compassion, and forgiveness. The court gives the warring couples six months to reconcile, but do they really work on it? In this play, we try to find answers to such questions”. Rahul Bhuchar, Producer and MD, Felicity Theatre added “The play raises many pertinent questions and will keep the discerning audiences completely engaged during this powerful performance”.Jab we separated is the narrative of Sanjay Sahni (Rahul Bhuchar) and Priya Maheshwari Sahni (Shweta Tiwari) who are living in a flat in Mumbai and have filed for divorce. Priya feels her husband is cheating on her, while Sanjay feels Priya does not give him enough space and nags too much. The court has given them a time frame of 6 months to reconcile if possible. But sadly in this scenario, the couple desperately waits for these 6 months to get over and then subsequently get over with each other. This complex story of love, marriage and separation is guaranteed to keep you gripped to your seat all through the riveting performance.

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