Rakhi, Ramadan and Roza! What is Rakhi Sawant’s new uproar?

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Now even while writing for Hungama Queen Rakhi Sawant, journalists feel that they are in the auditorium of a comedy. Every day as the curtain rises and a new farce begins. See, Rakhi is the same but the character of Fatima (Adil Khan Durrani) is emerging in her story. However, another act of getting her divorce from her titular husband Adil Khan Durrani has come into the limelight in the past.


There is new news about Tima Bi i.e. Rakhi Sawant that she is preparing to go to Umrah (Mecca) in the month of Ramzan (Ramadan) which is going to start from 23rd March. Going to Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan is considered as getting closer to Allah. So Rakhi Sawant wants to go there and she has shared that she has applied to get an affidavit for the same. According to Rakhi, his Khalid Mamu, Wahid Bhai… are helping him in this work. He is requesting her to get a visa from Jama Masjid so that she can be allowed to go for Umrah. Although Rakhi has also expressed doubt that she will get permission.


Rakhi tells that she has become a complete Muslim and has accepted the religion of Islam. She fasts during Ramzan, does not eat anything and prays five times. She remains completely faithful. She believes that by doing this her mind gets peace and she tries to keep herself very pure. If she can go for Umrah in this month of Ramadan, then she will understand that all her sins have been washed away and she has come closer to God. Will do


We wish that Rakhi Sawant aka Fatima Bi’s wish comes true. If a Hungama Queen seriously thinks of something like this then they may get their way!!