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Rakhi Sawant ,”Haan mein BB ke liye trup ka patta hoon” By Lipika Varma


Rakhi Sawant wild card entry in BB -15 with her husband. Actor Rakhi Sawant is another “trup ka pata” for the success of Bigg Boss season 15….Rakhi is going to enter not alone but along with her husband.

Now the million dollar question is who is her husband? Bigg Boss season 15 the makers are trying their best to make the reality show appealing, interesting and enabling it to garner the highest TRP.

Hoping for the best this time with the wild card entry none other than Rakhi Sawant who is a drama queen will surely attract huge eyeballs.

Rakhi agrees that  she is the trup ka patta [The queen of cards] Yes I am always like that . I love to attract eyeballs.

Not that I am going with any plan but yes planning will begin only when I enter the BB house season 15.”

Being part of BB for many seasons Rakhi opines that Well Bigg Boss is like her house, “Yes indeed whenever I am called to enter BB I feel so very excited and have sleepless nights.

However this time it’s going to be double whammy for me.Firstly I will not be going alone.

My husband is going to enter along with me.Now please  let my fans and the viewer’s wait to watch with bated breath  to know who my husband actually is. If it is Ritesh? Let it be a secret”.

Last time Rakhi fell short of clothes and makeup the last time, “Yes, you are right this time I have literally purchased a lot of well-designed and lovely clothes for myself.

Also purchased a lot of make. So there won’t be any shortage of anything for me in the house.”

Undoubtedly, all the contestants of any reality show are paid an exorbitant amount, the big mouth Rakhi clarifies,” Money is of cos is important for all of us.

Yes, money keeps me going in the BB house. There is no second thought but I also love to enter the BB house so that I can play the game to the best of my ability and win the game. This time I am sure to be the winner of BB 15.

Rakhi is also entering the BB 15 on her birthday, “Yes I will be celebrating my birthday in BB house 15 with my husband.”

Rakhi feels her husband will also cook and feed her inside the house, “As husband and wife both must take care of each other. Gone are those days when only we wives’ had to cook and feed them.

The big mouth Rakhi lastly gives away a secret, “My mother is fit and fine. She has retired from the hospital.

Salman Khan took care of all expenses. I am thankful that she is medically fit now. My mother will also enter the BB Season 15.” She asserts on concluding note

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