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Jyothi Venkatesh

Rakhi Sawant who has been keeping mum about her wedding since a week has now floated pictures which look like honeymoon pics. But the irony is that she is not making the name of her beloved hubby public. Ritesh is said to be the husband’s name whom she doesn’t want to introduce to the world as of now. The self confessed publicity queen is at her best as she is aware of the fact that personal life and gimmick sells. Her music video Chappan Churi sung by singer Mandakini Bora is releasing soon.

Though Rakhi , who loves children to the hilt, seems to be playing hide and seek game by not giving proper information about her wedding, she stumps me in a recorded telephonic talk by telling that she has married her ardent fan, who could predict that she was going through a very low phase in her life sometime back and promises that by 2020 she will not only reveal his name to the world but also give birth to their own cute children. We wish your dream comes true, dear Rakhi! Let us give her some space and let her enjoy her private married life till she makes it public, folks!

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