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Rakkhosh Is Netflix Exclusive First 1st Person POV Movie From India

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Jyothi venkatesh

1) It’s 1st complete first-person POV movie from India.

2) The story is set in a mental asylum from where patients are disappearing and narrated via literal first-person POV of a schizophrenic person

3) We created India’s first and worlds second custom POV rig (helmet) for it right here in Mumbai

4) It’s rarest of the rare movie which is shot completely and singularly on a 14mm ultra-wide-angle lens.

5) The film completely eliminates the “fourth wall”

6) It has a stunning cast of Sanjay Mishra, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Priyanka Bose, Ashwath Bhat, Barun Chanda, Sonamoni Jayant, Arijit Dutta

7) It won best director jury award at RIFF’19, premiered at Piff and screened at OCIFF

8 ) Had its international premiere in China at Shangai International Film Festival 2019 in prestigious panorama section and European premiere in Italy at FantaFestival 2019, Rome.

9) It’s picked by Netflix and released on June 20th 2019

10) It’s a genre-agnostic film which can be loosely categorised as a paranormal psychological thriller drama

Please consider and remember my film Rakkhosh while writing such lists for this year-end or any genres focused articles in a psychological thriller or paranormal / horror thrillers etc. Attached are the film posters for your use. Do let me know if you need more images.

You can check for press coverage on the movie.

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