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Rakulpreet Singh And Poonam Dhillon Praise The Book- ‘The Dot That Went For A Walk’


Caterpillar Wings proudly launched the debut work from Lakshmi Nambiar, Reema Gupta and Sarada Akkineni, The Dot That Went For A Walk’

A children’s book with 51 illustrated stories that celebrate extraordinary women from India including artists and scientists, healers and entrepreneurs and rocket women of India, sportspeople and commando trainer. The book is illustrated with original art by female artists from all over the nation and each woman’s story is written in the style of a fairy tale except these women have been their own knights in shining armour.

The launch ceremony, held at the Royal Opera House, was graced by some of the most iconic names from various fields across India who have been featured in the book. Actress Deepika Padukone, standup comedian Aditi Mittal, tabla player Anuradha Pal, commando trainer Seema Rao and architect Brinda Somaya were among the dignitaries who unveiled the book during the launch. Also present at the event were actress Rakulpreet Singh and yesteryear actress Poonam Dhillon.

Speaking on this initiative Rakulpreet said, “It is a great initiative and talking about inequality between men and women, it is very important to bring out inspiring stories that need to be known.  We only know about actors and sports personalities but somebody who is into architecture or somebody who is a commando trainer wasn’t known to me. So this kind of awareness and this kind of inspiring stories will influence a lot of people to follow their heart and dreams. Believe it or not but the world is a male dominated world but it is about how you make your place in it. We have been brought up knowing that men dominate but we also know if you want to achieve something you can and that is my motto.”

Poonam Dhillon added, “The initiative is fresh, the whole idea and I think the time has come that women and their roles in society get recognized. I think kids when they grow up they look up to their moms and they become their first role models and I think there should be more such role models. When we identify such women who are doing such wonderful work in different fields so from there it can start that we can also do it and today women are in every field be the army, in air or underground.”

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