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Rani Hazarika A Voice That Can Make Man, Nature And Even God Listen

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Ali Peter John

The only time I heard a voice from Assam was when I heard the now Bharat Ratna Dr Bhupen Hazarika.

His voice was the voice that could make the Ganga dance and make the most ordinary composer create music that could be pleasing to God and man in the same way and I believed that there would never be a another singer from assam like him…

But,little did I know that I would live long enough to listen to another Hazarika who was a young women with the Goddess of music living in her voice, she was a Rani of the most difficult and so the most beautiful voice I had heard in a long time ( I am not talking about the days of Lata Mangeshkar, Asaha Bhosle or even Runa Laila) but about a young women called Rani Hazarika who left me spellbound when I heard her for the first time and I was reminded of the time when Ustad Bismillah khan stopped where ever he could hear a beautiful voice and stop his car till the song was over and after moments of silence said, “Iss Awaz Mein Ibaadat Hai” (This Is a Voice that inspires worshiping God). I had heard Rani Hazarika singing a song in chaste Hindi and I was carried away by her command over Hindi and everything there was to know about the glory of music. Her voice kept haunting me for several days and had slowly made its way to my heart and I can not forget that evening when her voice rose to the high heavens and reached the plains and plateaus and I could feel the leaves and flowers grooving to her voice there was something special and even divine about her voice in these times when noise is considered to be great music and great singing.

I don’t believe in making predictions and even if I did how would my prediction help a voice like the voice of Rani Hazarika?, but I had a strong feeling that any talented person who I wished well would certainly be a name that would be a part of music wherever it was heard and every time her husband, Jaan Nissar Lone who is a known and popular composer and also the owner of a music company (AR Music Studios) told me about a song she was to record, I knew it would be a song that would stand out from all the sound and furry that goes in the name of music which is slowly but surely being pushed into a corner for some mad sounds to take over. And I must thank God who has been guiding me in taking decisions for my self and for those who I believe are the future of talent.

Rani Hazarika had given me one more reason to live a little longer to see how for her glorious voice would reach. Her voice has all the elements that make both traditional and modern music come to life, even if there are forces which are wildly working consciously or unconsciously to bring down the standards of music and singing which was an essential part of living a good life.

Rani reminded me of the time when every tune, every beat, every rhythm, every sur and taal brought honour to music, it was before the time when noise drowned both music and poetry.

This is absolutely no attempt to flatter this Rani of music, I don’t have to because if not today, then tomorrow people will have to accept the truth that Rani is indeed the voice of the present and the future in Hindi films and where ever her voice is given an opportunity to be heard and make music which is the gift of God feel proud at a time when non believers have started taking decisions about Godly things like music.

The very fact that Rani who has still to learn how to blow her own trumpet (playing into the hands of the paid media) and has sung a wide variety of songs in such a short time speaks volumes about her knowledge of music and her knowing the importance of poetry in the music composed for films and albums.

Some of the songs that have been gifted by her voice are “nass nass mein” (to which the entire star cast of a multi-starer,“Welcome Back”reacted)

“Udanchhoo” picturised on a group of artistes, with the song being sung by Amanda Rosario) “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai” (the tittle song) whiskey soda piyo “JD”and the song soda nahin Water nahin from film “Risknamaa”

And aatma jalle from “Shudra the rising”. This is only a sample of the countless other songs she has sung for films, both big and small and TV commercials, albums, singles and every medium of music where her talent is respected and ranked among the top few today.

Talent has to win awards to keep on growing better and that’s what Rani’s voice has been blessed with. She has been awarded with the Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award for her versatility and the many other awards which include The international Khursheed TV award from Kabul, Afghanistan and many other awards which decorate her home where she lives with her husband, her son Raah Nissar Lone and the entire family of the various kinds of music.

And, this is only the beginning of the rise of this Rani. Watch out for her keep your ears, hearts and minds open to her voice and you will love life and her voice may even work like a soothing balm over all the pains, sorrows and miseries of the world which was once a valley and a garden, but can now only retain its glory, if it has voices that sing from the  soul, the voice of Rani Hazarika is one such endless hope.

I feel very happy when I see genuine talent recognised and I must thank Rani for giving me a rare opportunity to be happy in the world where happiness is such an expensive commodity these days. Thanks

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