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Ranveer Singh Feels That Hip-Hop Rap Has The Potential To Bring A Musical Revolution In India

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Gully boy of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh is on a roll currently with 2 back to back hits last year, marrying the girl of his life and what not and currently, he is busy promoting his next, Gully Boy where he is playing a role of an underground rapper. Gully Boy’s team were at the Berlin Film Festival for the world premiere of their upcoming release Gully Boy. The cast sat down for a press conference before the film premiere where they spoke in depth about the film, which is based on the underground rap culture in India.
When the moderator asked Ranveer about the difference between Indian rap and the western rap, the actor explained how “Hindustani” hip-hop is a fresh genre in India.
“As a genre of music, Hindustani hip-hop is a fairly fresh and unique genre. It has not been sampled by too many people up until this film, actually. This film takes a genre of music that has essentially been underground in India so far and brings it to the mainstream. There is one of our songs “Apna Time Aayega” that has topped the charts. Now, that is a legitimate hip-hop song in Hindi. So, that is significant. It means that this genre of music has the potential to reach out to a lot more people as proven by the song.”
The actor added, “The key difference is that in America, it (the hip-hop culture) has been there for a while. It started out in 80-89 and now it has become the most streamed music in the world, wildly subscribed to youth culture in the world. In India, it is interesting as we are at a threshold of what I believe to be an explosion, it is an exponential youth culture. I think it has the potential to bring a musical revolution. Also because it is an authentic expression and is embedded in social commentary, it will make a social impact as well I think. It is a very interesting time for music in India.”
Gully boy releases on 14th February 2019 worldwide.

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