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Rashami Desai takes a stand for her fans, Audience showers Rashami with immense love


Rashami Desai who has catered the television industry with her fabulous work and great acting skill sets is now locked up in the crazy house of Bigg Boss 15.

Whilst we all know Rashami Desai as she has always been a bold and jolly person she continues to win the hearts of her fans by showing herself up real.

Wherein we get an immense dose of drama from the Bigg Boss 15’s house, few contestants like Rashami never forgets to spread positivity through the same medium.

Evidently, Rashami Desai’s habits are most loved and she maintains to remain the most positive contestants on the show.

In every episode, we see immense drama, fights, and quarrels over little things. While Rashami is always seen defending her friends against all odds, we saw a similar sight yesterday as well. As Rashami was seen defending Devoleena.

Rashami’s fans are praising her for her massive courage and more than everything people are loving how Rashami always stands for her friends when needed.

The gesture of Rashami Desai won many hearts and people are evidently loving her for her outstanding courage and love for others. The fans are sending Rashami lots of love and waiting to see her do great in the coming days

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