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Rashmi Jha, Stands For Her Teammates

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In the latest episode of the Second Season of Ace of Space we see the houseguests performing a very interesting task to save themselves from the nominations. As we know the contestants of the show are divided into two groups- Kings  & Jacks. And with the finale coming very close, all are performing on their toes to survive in the house and be in the game till the end.

Survival of the fittest, smartest and strongest is what the Mastermind of the show believes. Rashmi Jha with time and again has proved her capabilities to stay and win the show. In the ongoing task – Both the teams, Kings, and Jacks are competing against each other to win the task and be safe from the nominations.

Rashmi Jha is seen performing her task very well in co-ordination with her the other Kings. Rashmi stood for Prakruti in between the task when Khushi had poured toilet cleaner on Prakruti by which her face n eyes started burning. She was the first one to vote against Khushi to disqualify her from the task, followed by the rest. Rashmi then helped Prakruti clean her face, as her entire face was burning. We see Rashmi playing a smart and fair game.

Fans are waiting to see what’s next for them to see from their favorite houseguest, Rashmi Jha.

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