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Read How ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ Almost Fell Out Of Hrithik’s Kitty! 


Jyothi Venkatesh

With Bollywood and music being nothing short of religions in India, Zee TV has brought the best of both worlds with its new weekend prime-time offering. The channel’s first-of-its-kind music countdown show called ‘Pro Music Countdown’ which is hosted by one of India’s finest RJs, social media influencer and YouTube sensation – Siddharth Kannan. The show presents superhit songs in a never-seen-before chat show format with the hottest Bollywood celebrities getting up close and personal about their career, love lives and everything that’s brewing in B-town!In the upcoming episode of the show featuring stars Hrithik Roshan and Vaani Kapoor, viewers will witness their unfiltered conversation with the host Siddharth Kannan. On being asked about his first film, Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Hrithik recalled having a learning experience with his dad, Rakesh Roshan on the sets of the film. Hrithik said, “My father and I work well because we work with each other while keeping our egos aside. So, if I feel that something is not right, I tell him, and he does the same if he feels something is not the way it should be.  We even argue about things, but the best thing is that we know it’s not about each other, it’s about the best idea for the film.”

He also added, “Infact, something like this happened during my first film ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ where he wanted me to wear a shirt on a ‘ganji’ whereas I wanted to wear only ‘ganji.’ So, I looked at myself in the mirror and was evaluating the look and made a face wearing it, which he noticed and fired me on the sets in front of everyone to the extent that he almost wrapped up the film. It was extremely traumatic but also a big learning experience for me because as soon as the shot got cut, everyone decided to forget about it. So, we did argue about it, but he convinced me to do what was best for the film.” This Greek God is blessed with the best! Find out all the interesting revelations made by your favourite uber-cool duo only on Pro Music Countdown, this Sunday at 6 pm only on Zee Tv!

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