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Reasons why Kirti Kulhari-starrer Shaadisthan, releasing today on 11th June on Disney+ Hotstar VIP, is a must watch for all!


When four young and free-spirited musicians, a small-town couple, and their young daughter, end up on a 24-hour journey in one camper van, an eye-opening encounter ensues – Jyothi Venkatesh

Shaadisthan, releasing today on 11th June on Disney+ Hotstar VIP follows the story of an unforgettable journey from Mumbai to a small town in Rajasthan which brings to light how unconventionality doesn’t equate to being morally wrong. Here are the reasons why you must watch Shaadisthan only on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

Multi-talented Cast

Shaadisthan features an ensemble cast of talented artists. Kirti Kulhari portrays the role of Sasha – an unapologetic young woman who is the band’s lead vocalist – in the movie also starring actors Medha Shankar and Nivedita Bhattacharya among others.

What’s interesting is that the actors portraying the role of the other three band members are actually real-life musicians, namely Shenpenn Khymsar, Apurv Dogra and Ajay Jayanthi, who are featuring in movies for the first time ever. How’s that for a multi-talented cast!

Unforgettable Road Trip!

A joyful movie with an unconventional storyline, Shaadisthan showcases how an 18-year-old Arshi finds herself caught between her parents’ wishes while wanting to live life on her terms.

Amidst the family chaos, Arshi and her parents Sanjay and Kamla Sharma take a road trip to remember with four musicians – Freddie, Imaad, Sasha and Jigme and are exposed to a whole new way of living.

With two generations with opposing beliefs coming together, this 24-hour drive has the potential to turn into something really unexpected!

Shattering Stereotypes

Not just a complete family entertainer, Shaadisthan will also leave audiences thinking about their own perceptions of traditions and the modern world.

The movie depicts the meeting of two very different ideologies – one representing freedom of choice and the other guarding the beauty of tradition.

By this, it holds a mirror to society and showcases how years of conditioning convinces many people that life can only be black and white with no shades of gray.

Songs For Your Playlist

In a movie featuring a band and starring three real-life musicians, how could the music be far behind!

Composed by Sahil Bhatia and Nikhil Sharma, the music of Shaadistaan is rooted in a unique, harmonious link between regional Rajasthani folk and contemporary music.

Ajay Jayanthi, who essays the role of Imaad in the film, was also part of the creative process and brought in his finesse on the violin.

Singers Swaroop Khan, Isheeta Chakrvarty and Mansheel Gujral have lent their voices to the songs and brought in the required balance of melody and power