“Reena Kapoor looks after me like her own child” say, Dhruti Mangeshkar of Aashao Ka Savera….Dheere Dheere Se

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Dhruti Mangeshkar

Dhruti Mangeshkar is a child actress best know of her role as ‘Aanchal’ in Star Bharat’s show ‘Aashao Ka Savera…Dheere Dheere Se. She plays the role of Bhawana’s (Reena Kapoor) daughter. Dhruti Mangeshkar shares a special bond with Reena Kapoor on-screen and off-screen as well. They are often spotted in each other’s social media pages making reels and having fun. Since Mother’s Day is around the corner Dhruti Mangeshkar shares how she adores Reena Kapoor and looks at her as a motherly figure on set.

Dhruti Mangeshkar

She says, “Reena Kapoor is like a mother figure to me, she is very sweet and always looks after me as her own child. I enjoy a lot shooting with her and during our free time we usually make videos or reels and do a lot of fun. She also teaches me a lot and corrects me wherever needed. I get to learn a lot form her. Although I have a good bond with everyone on sets and everyone takes of me but I share a special connection with Reena Kapoor.

The current track of the show is filled with unlimited drama as Bhawana will fall for a superstitious trap. Will she come out of this superstitious thinking will Raghav help Bhawana to come out of this situation to know more

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