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I have always believed in the truth that there is and there has to be a woman behind the success of every man. I know there may be men and even women who will sometimes vehemently disagree with me but I will still stand rock-steady in my belief which i have formed from my experiences with some of the greatest men who have opened up their hearts and told me how they are what they are because of their wives who have stood by them shoulder to shoulder and inspired them to grow bigger, soar higher and reach new peaks – Ali Peter John

Whenever I think of such wonderful wives I am reminded of the definition of a wife according to the poet William Wordsworth who had said that a perfect wife was one who could,” warm ,comfort and command”.

And if there is one woman who lives up to this definition, I feel it is the beautiful, sweet, silent and still powerful Rehana who I believe has been the source of inspiration and a pillar of strength in the life and career of Subhash Ghai, the young man who took over the mantle of the Showman from the greatest Showman ever Raj Kapoor and has been living up to the image and title given to him.

I first saw Subhash Ghai outside the “Janta Dugdhalaya ” near the Nataraj Studio when he was playing the lead role in Atma Ram’s (the younger brother of Guru Dutt) UMANG which had a whole lot of young actors who had just passed out of the FTII.

The film had flopped but Subhash went on to sign nine more films but still could not succeed as an actor. He realised the truth about himself , took to writing and ended up as a very successful director with films like KALICHARAN,VISHWANATH,GAUTAM GOVINDA ,KRODHI, MERI JUNG and VIDHAATA.

was somewhere around this time that he met a beautiful girl called Rehana who was the daughter of a producer named M M Farooqi . Their love blossomed and they decided to get married without having any problems of their belonging to two different castes.

Subhash gave Rehana the name Mukta and this name proved to be a magic wand for him. His reputation as a writer and director had grown formidable and Mukta turned into a glowing candle that led him on to other major achievements.

subhash ghai cover

He had enough confidence now to launch his own banner Mukta Arts and launched his first film as a producer -director with KARZ and had Farooqi and his collegue from the FTII Jagjit Khurana as his co-producers. He had launched the film on his wedding anniversary, with Mukta making that big difference to him by just standing as a prayer in one corner as her husband basked in the limelight.

That October 24 was the beginning of a ritual for Subhash and he made it a point to launch all his films on his wedding anniversary with the charming. invincible and ever inspiring Mukta standing by his side and shining more than all the stars and other celebrities.

The day would start with a pooja in the morning followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch which was attended by the friends of Subhash and his well wishers and all those hopeful stars who had ambitions of being cast in his new film about which he never gave an inkling till after the grand party he used to have in some of the best hotels.

Being seen at a Subhash Ghai party was considered a privilege and an honour for even the most mighty. It was under this kind if an atmosphere that the Showman launched all his big films like RAM LAKHAN which was launched at the Fariyas Hotel in Lonavla which was completely booked by Mukta Arts and every restaurant and even the menu was named after Mukta .Every guest was allotted a suite and had the time of their lives for two long days.

Subhash Ghai

Subhash had started his own pattern of a celebration which he followed with every film that he launched and even while he was shooting especially during an outdoor stint.

Now ,Subhash knew no stopping. He took the Industry by one big surprise when he decided to start an acting school and even as people wondered whether he could fulfil his ambition, he had completed building a massive school for films among the hills of Goregaon. The school which was named Whistling Woods International stood in all its glory and people from all over the world visited it.

And to keep up with the tradition which Subhash had started, he had also seen to it that the foundation stone of the school was laid by his idol Dilip Kumar on the same day, October 24 with Mukta standing around him and spreading her light all over. like the blessing she has always been for Subhash and everything that happens at Mukta Arts.

A time came when Whistling Woods came under a dark cloud and had shaken up the brave Subhash Ghai and the impact was so severe on the Showman that he even showed signs of slipping aa a director which showed in his big films like KRSSNA, YUVRAAJ and KANCHI.

However with the support and constant prayers of Mukta Subhash walked out a strong man raring to fight every other odd that came his way.

It was on another October 24 that he launched Mukta 2 Cinemas which has been another feather in his multi-splendoured hat. Today October 24 2020 on the occasion of the 5Oth wedding anniversary of the lovers who have stood the trials and tests of time.

Mukta Arts is all set to start some new films in collaboration with Zee Studios. And as a witness to the saga of a Showman and his beautiful muse, I wish to send up a special prayer for all their further dreams to come true .And the lovers to stay in love and inspire others.


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