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Jyothi Venkatesh

Ayush Gupta will soon turn 18, and he has already mastered the art of Reiki and Tarot card reading. The young lad, in a brief interaction, talks to us about Reiki, energies and healing.Talking about Reiki, he says it works by channeling positive energy into your body. He added, “Reiki masters and practitioners typically place their hands on the affected areas of the body that need a boost. Reiki healing can heal any problem. Everything in this universe is done by energies, be it positive or negative. So in Reiki, we work on healing negative energy with positive.”Ayush says Reiki healing is recognised all over the world and shared that even Gautam Buddha too healed various problems just by Touch Therapy. He added, “Reiki is also a form of Touch Therapy, we can say that it is an Indian Healing therapy which is now scientifically proven.”

“Reiki and other alternative healing therapies are required today as people in today’s world suffer from mental Health issues and physical health problems. And taking medicines have their own side effects too. Reiki and alternative healing therapies do not have any side effects and it only gives positive effects,” he further said.Asked about the kind of problems Reiki can heal, he said, “It can heal any problem. From health related to career related or even personal life issues, everything can be healed by it. Because whatever problem we face is because of negative energy, and through Reiki we heal all those negative energies. I have healed over 350 cases till date including personal and career related problems and even health issues, like coma, cancer, migraine.”\

He also spoke about distance healing and said, “Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Though permission should be invoked or received in some way. When I’m performing Reiki on someone who is not present, I’ll typically work with the recipient’s photo and a healing crystal. My experience with Distance Healing is really awesome, and I saw great results through it. In Reiki, we have four symbols, and one of the symbols is especially for Distance healing by which we connect to the universe and the person who needs healing, and then we start sending positive energies.”Lastly, tell us how can one focus on their energy for productive results? “A person’s productivity depends on three factors: your time, your focus, and your energy. Managing your time is about making sure that you are working on the highest priority tasks within your schedule.

It doesn’t matter if you’re focused and energetic, but if you’re not working on the right things at the right time, you are wasting your energy. Managing your energy is about having the drive to get the task done. Managing your focus is a very personal thing. We all have unique schedules and unique ways of prioritizing. Your ability to manage your time goes beyond the scope of this site, but managing your energy and focus directly relates to how you use your will power.”

“You can focus on your energies by meditation, eating healthy, and the most important thing is to live in the present and enjoy it,” Ayush signed off.

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