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Rekha Ek Aisi Premika Jisne Pyaar Ko Ek Alag Hi Rang Hamesha Ke Liye Diya


Ali Peter John

 I don’t know how and why my God shows me to be an ambassador and a defender of love in its purest and most divine form, love as God would have created it when he first created love.

I myself have loved like I think and believe with my whole heart that I have loved like no human being must have loved, so what if I have lost terribly every time I have loved, but I have never given up and never will, I am still madly in love at seventy and hope to be in love till my God of love himself turns cruel and takes away ability to love.

Dear Rekha ma’am, I saw in you, my ultimate symbol of the kind of love I have believed in and it was your love and your gift of sharing that love that made me silently bow before you more than the diva the world made you out to be, you were the ultimate goddess of love for me in these days when love has became a product in the market place where it can be bought and sold and bargained by people who don’t know and don’t care to know what the power of love really is.

Dear Rekha ji, I as a lover saw and was a witness to how one man could with his love change you completely, transform you from what you have to a angelic figure which no ordinary human being could try and understand, his love had made you what no man or women could understand and neither could you, you had just surrendered to his love and let his love do what best it wanted to do for you and you knew could do for you

You basked in the glory and the light of the sunshine of his love and you tried your best to give him your best as a beloved, but you must have certainly felt that your love was not so typical of coming up to the standards of the love he gave you and made you another person, a person much more beautiful and lovable than the person God who is known as an all – loving God created you, you couldn’t believe what his love was doing to you, because by now your heart was full of love for him and your eyes had grown blind to everything and everyone else but him

I know you were in a difficult relationship in which true love could never really flourish, but you were a brave solider of love and your fought every brave battle to keep your love alive and you let the world know that you were in love and your heart said with him, haan humko mohabat hai mohabat hai mohabat hai

Life and time and tradition and customs were not going to be kind to you and they proved it when your love had to bow before them and you had to give away the love of your life to the forces that cared nothing for love and you did not wince or cry or go into dark corners of depression, but only grew stronger as a lover

You were a living lover wherever you knew he would be there, alone or with his family, I don’t know how you did it, but I could guess or bet that you would be there wherever he was and keep looking at him with those eyes of a lover where love was still alive and hopeful even though there was very little hope, the cameras went crazy at his glimpses of you catching glimpses of him and when I sometimes felt that even the blind would be able to see how much you still loved him whatever the world said

You clapped at all the great pictures he made at all the great poems he recited, and all the introductions he made of great people like Lata Mangeshkar and others like her and you were in love with him every moment whenever you were present wherever he was present

How can I forget those four days in the bedroom where you were shooting for bad film called Phool Bane Angarey, just a few days after you had lost the husband, Mukesh agarwal and spoke about nothing more than the man who you said you loved like nothing or no one else and who you only referred to as Him or God and never tired of talking about him as the perfect man, the ideal man, the only man and other titles you kept giving him as the mornings, afternoons and evenings of our meetings grew

How can I forget the films like Khubsurat, Mr. Natwarlal, Muqaddar Ka Sikander and Do Anjaane in which you were so much like him and you made me wonder if love could make a lover or a beloved transform the other into so much like the one who is loved infinitely
It was heart breaking to see your love lying in the corner and going down into the pages of history, but those like me who know what love is will always know your love story as one of the greatest love stories of the times we are living through, to think of it, you should be placed on a pedestal live and not as a statue and worshipped as the last of the lovers of the divine kind, a class of lovers we will never see now or ever…..

I am tempted to write all this after reading about a flippant story about you being present at the opening of an exhibition of photographs, looking as magical, mysterious and mystical as ever with your now famous white sari, dark glasses and white flowers in your hair and walking through the exhibits and then reaching the photograph of the man who once you called Him and God and took the audience of a younger generation by surprise by passing by the photo and exclaiming

“ arre baba, yeh toh danger zone hai “ and made people giggle and laugh.
Why did you have to do it, Rekha Ma’am? How did your almighty love for him make you talk like that in public and reduce your great love story into a momentary subject for ridicule and hollow laughter, which is not what great love is supposed to be reduced too, and that, my dear Madam has always been my personal opinion and will always be
My respect for you as a women who has created herself after God created her and love designed her will always be the same, but I only wished that you will always respect love because love comes only to the chosen ones of God and those who are specially blessed by God and you are certainly one of them. For God’s sake and whoever you love the most, never ever even think or imagine a time when you will be tempted to run down love because you are a product of love beyond all boundaries of love

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