Renowned actors Kavita Kaushik, Anveshi Jain, Manish Goplani ,Archana Vednekar, Vedika Bhandari and Kabir Sadanand feature in Hungama Play’s upcoming Hindi show Chhalava

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Renowned actors Kavita Kaushik, Anveshi Jain, Manish Goplani ,Archana Vednekar, Vedika Bhandari and Kabir Sadanand feature in Hungama Play’s upcoming Hindi show Chhalava

Popular actors Kavita Kaushik, Anveshi Jain, Manish Goplani and Archana Vednekar, Vedika Bhandari and Kabir Sadanand will be seen in main roles along with Sandeepa Dhar, Samiksha Bhatnagar, Aabhaas Mehta, Amit Behl, Dhiraj Totlani in Hungama Play’s upcoming Hindi original show, Chhalava.


The show revolves around tangled love, betrayal and mystery. Chhalava is a collection of 5 special stories featuring people going beyond the limits of their morality to get what they deserve.

Kavita Kaushik who is well known for her portrayal of Chandramukhi Chautala in SAB TV's sitcom F.I.R like has created yet another special persona in Chhalava.

“The show brings the concept of uncertainty, love, deception and death together” opined Kavita when she was asked of the show and the role she had to act.

She further stated that, “The character Gauri was a fascinating one as it had created a space which gave me room to grow as an actor and to perceive the necessary changes required to make the character work.”


Anveshi Jain, notable for her roles in shows like Who’s your daddy, shared her thoughts, “The role in Chhalava has provided me with much needed motivation which in turn has demanded a clear understanding of the role.

The show has shown me new ways to improve my acting skills and to be a better actor overall.

The most important factor of any actor is the way one deals with adversity and my character, Rehana in the show has provided with exactly that”.


Known for his roles of Bihaan Pandey and Aryan Khanna in Thapki Pyaar Ki, Manish Goplani opined that, “Emotionally investing in the character development and giving importance to intention and thought is the best thing an actor can do to achieve greatness. I consider this opportunity to be once in a lifetime and as far as my credentials goes, this character that I play in Chhalava remains at the top. I am lucky and privileged to be cast in the show Chhalava and give justice to my character Armaan.”


Archana Vednekar famous for her roles in Ragni MMS Returns reflected on her role in Chhalava “There was always this brooding thought on the way I’ve acted.

The way the dialogues were rendered and how it influenced the viewer, and this thought was the reason why I am invested in my role in Chhalava as the show is a dream come true for all actors.

The show gives a notable place in the hearts of the viewers and that is something I consider important.

The thought of developing the emotions that is tailor made to suit the character, Radhika is always an adventure.

This is the factor that motivates me to improve my skills and capabilities as an actor”.


Vedika Bhandari, who has made her mark with shows like Dream Girl and popular show Indori Ishq said “This is not like any other show.

Chhalava deals with real emotions and shows characters of all shades. When I first read the script, I was captivated by the distinct approach of the show and said yes to the character right away.

She soon stumbles upon a very unusual solution to her problem that changes her life forever. The show presents viewers with a reality of life, one that we often ignore.”


Kabir Sadanand is not a novice when it comes to acting and directing. He has directed films like Fugly and Popcorn Khao!

Mast Ho Jao and played noteworthy roles in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main. His directorial film, Tum Milo toh Sahi and 5000 hours in front of the camera have won awards both internationally and in India for his work as an actor and director.

When inquired on his actor/directorial role he stated that; "This movie has what it takes to create a diverse system which will sustain my growth as an actor and a director.


Regardless of the difficulties associated with doing both the parts, this role requires my complete focus and dedication as the plot comes with exceptional storytelling and credibility.

I believe that the specificity of an actor solely depends on the willingness to adapt and to reach deep down and create something memorable for the viewers.

The director, on the other hand should be resilient and possess a significant understanding of the situation. Despite of the hardships ahead’’.

Produced by Frog Unlimited. Series director & show-runner - Kabir Sadanand.

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